file000161173636What is dynamic eating psychology?

Well, the word combination sounds weird. We all know what is dynamic, what is eating and what is psychology, but join the words together and people start getting confused. And no wonder, in the past, the field of psychology used to deal predominantly with people suffering with severe eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. But that covers only a small percentage of population. Dynamic eating psychology is a new field pioneered by the Institute for the psychology of eating and its founder Marc David. It uses unique approaches to help people with weight management, body image issues and issues with mood, fatigue, digestion and immunity.

Nature designed us in a way that we all need food to survive. What we eat is important but who we are when we eat is equally, if not more important. Every person has a unique relationship with food and this relationship influences what happens in his body when he eats, how the food is digested, it influences his food choices. The same food is not equally utilised in different people or even when the same person eats the same food, there is a difference when he eats it on the go, working or stressed or if it is a sit down meal with good friends.

Eating psychology sees food as a doorway to the eater’s mind and soul. Our relationship with food is often a mirror of our inner world, of our social interactions, and most of all of our self-love and feeling of self-worth.  Through Body – Mind nutrition strategies, eating psychology coaches can help people manage their struggles with food, weight and their bodies. Coaches work with clients on multiple levels, exploring areas of their lives, looking for stressors and then working with clients on ways how to distress, embody and become aware of who they truly are.


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