Meet Andrea

Upravene (12)My name is Andrea. I am from Slovakia; a small but beautiful Central European country. Before completing my postgraduate studies in translation and interpreting, I spent a year in Australia where I met my husband. We eventually both moved to Saudi Arabia as work and career took us there. Our initial plan was to stay in Saudi for 3 years, but here I am, 8 years later, writing this blog from Saudi; a place we gradually made “home”. In relation to the theme of this blog, and a bit more about myself, I cannot say I ever felt a strong social pressure for being skinny or the pressing need to diet or restrict my food intake. Well, it was “communist” Czechoslovakia back then, and not much was really available to chose from! However; I always felt really fortunate as I don’t remember growing up with a need to conform or look like someone whom I wasn’t. I remember being comfortable with who I was and how I looked, and I largely attribute this to the wise upbringing of my parents whom have always given me the space to think and make my own choices. I truly wish this upon every one of my clients. About my credentials, as I mentioned earlier, I completed my postgraduate degree in 2003 in translation and interpreting (English and Russian languages), and more recently; in May of 2013, I completed my studies at the Institute of the Psychology of Eating based in Boulder, Colorado. The latter accreditation combined my passion and interest in both nutrition and psychology. I love working with people and helping them overcome their issues with weight, body image, fatigue, digestion, immunity and mood in a sustainable way. I meet with clients personally or through Skype.

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