file0001467164125We live in times and culture that pressures us to perceive the shape and size of our bodies with extremely critical eyes. We feel there is always weight to lose, there are parts of our bodies to be unhappy about, we feel unlovable, unattractive and not worthy. We desire to look like supermodels and Hollywood stars. We strive to achieve our goals by trying many diets, digesting supplements and exercising our butts off. And when we achieve our target weight we still feel something is missing. We are disappointed that the so long wanted weight loss did not bring us everlasting happiness and bliss. So we might “fall off the wagon” again, gain back even more weight and continue the vicious circle of dieting, overexercising, calorie counting, overeating and feeling miserable. My mission is to help people in breaking this cycle, in teaching them how to lose weight sustainably, in developing healthy relationship with food, their bodies and selves. I work with people with weight challenges, body image issues, overeating, binge eating, fatigue and digestion issues. I work from mind – body nutrition and dynamic eating psychology perspectives. I do not offer another diet plan. There is a lot of those out there. I coach people to learn how to listen to their inner nutritionist, body wisdom and how they can use their health and body challenges to become the best versions of themselves.


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